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7561/AG Aggarwal


M Sc.Food Nuitrition/ Top Ranker/29/ Fair & Slim Dr. girl,working as Sr Dietician /Ht: 5′-2″/ F:Job at Chd, M:H.mistress, B: Engg.AmbBased Family/   call:094674-68695 7562/AG Aggarwl(Garg) MA / Fair girl/ Sharp Features/Father: Industrialist /29Years/Ht:5′-4″/ One Brother/Khanna based family/     Call:098144-23380
7563/AG Aggarwal


B Tech CSE/ Very Fair/ Good features//slim Girl/ 23/155cms/ F: Land lord/ self polytech college nr Ambala /Rpted sound family of North Haryana requires Fair Engg Boy/ Call: 094160-30046  7564/AG  Aggarwl(Goel)  B Sc., MCA/Intelligent, Excellent Fair/Good features Girl/26/5′-3″/ MNC Job/Father XEN/ Status family of Karnal Requires  Engg  Fair Boy with good Package/ Call: 098967-89853                                      
 7565/AG  Aggarwal

(singla),MBA/Fair/Good featrs/slim Girl/27/5′-2″/ Bank Offi(HR)in PSU/ pkg:4 lpa/F: Busin/M:HW/2B: Study/Rpted family of Knl since Fore-fathers/Req.Fair BTech, MBA Boy/ Call:090346-30032    HMT/AG-5   Aggarwl(Single)  April,1990/5′-3″/ B Tech (Textiles) Fair/Slim Beautiful girl / Panipat based  family Requires pref high status business match / Call; 94664-00184
 7566/AG  Aggarwal


 B Sc (N.M.),M Sc- software/ Gold Mdalist /Fair/Good features/slim Girl/Aug,1987 /5′-3″/ working  as Lecturer in Pvt. college/ /F: Busin /M:HW/1 B: /Requires Fair Post Graduate suitable match/ Call:094169-07947   HMT/AG-6  Aggarwl(Girg) Dec,1988/5′-3″/ MCA/Fair/Slim girl / MNC Job Pkg:  3lpa/urban based  family Requires compatible match / Call: 94664-00184


HMT/AG-7  Aggarwl(Bansal)  July,1988/5′-4″/ B Tech /beautiful girl / Chandigarh based /MNC job/ Requires good match / Call: 94664-00184
 7568/AG  Mahajan


 April,1988/5′-1″/ MA (Eng), B Ed/Fair girl/ Teacher in pvt Academy /F: Finance, M: Late,  B: One/  Required  Job/business match/  Call:94664-00184 HMT/AG-8  Aggarwl(Mittal)  Sept,1985/5′-5″/  Engineer Fair Beautiful girl /Chandigarh  based  job in Govt. Requires suitable match / Call; 94664-00184
 7569/AG  Aggarwal


1-9-1982/5′-4″/Fair/B Tech/ MNC Job at ggn/Team Leader/ Pkg: 12 lpa/ Delhi Based family Requires Good Service Match/ Call: 94162-56509      HMT/AG-9 Aggarwl(Goel)  Dec,1988/5′-5″/ Persuing  Ph D/Slim  girl /Requires  Prefereably  Chd, Ambala, Karnal, Y/Nagar based match /   Ph:  94664-00184
 7570/AG  Aggarwal


 April,1983/5′-1″/MA (Eng) / Beautiful wheatish slim girl/ Karnal Based family requires BA/MA Service pref. Business  good  match / ph: 93551-37373 HMT/      AG-10 Jain Nov,1984 / 5′-3″/ Fair slim/ Extremely Beautiful  Divorcee Girl Requires  compatible match in and around Ambala,  Shahabad, Kkr /                           ph: 94664-00184
 7571/AG  Aggarwal


 July,1991/5-‘3″/BSc, Msc (Math), B Ed/Slim Fair  B.ful girl/Lecturer Pvt College/ Karnal Based b’ness family requires Good, city based Fair/Service /Business good  match / ph: 94163-01682  HMT/     AG-11 Aggarwal  June,1990/5′-5″/ MCA/ Semi urban based family/ Beautiful girl  working  at Chandigarh/Requires good match/        ph:    94664-00184
 7572/AG  Aggarwal


 Nov,1991/5-‘3″/BCA, MCA, B Ed/Slim Fair  B.ful girl / MNC Job at Ggn/Pkg 3 LPA/ F: BKO, M: HW/Require  Good, city based, Fair Pref Service match / ph: 98129-13446  HMT/     AG-12  Aggarwl(Jindal)  Dec,1982/5′-1″/ Beautician / Fair /Slim girl / Requires Haryana  Chandigarh  based  match/        PH:  94664-00184
 7581-AG  Aggarwal

( Garg)


 April,1990/5-‘6″/BA, MA, /Slim Fair  B.ful girl / Saharanpur(up) / F:  School,  M: Principal Require  Good, city based, Fair Pref Service match / ph: 94664-00184  HMT/       AG-13  Aggarwl  Sept,1990/ 5′-4″ / M Com /  Fair Beautiful Girl/ F: Business Requires good match/        ph: 94664-00184
       HMT/ AG-14  Aggarwal


 Dec,1990/5′-1″ / B Tech, MTech (IT) /Fair Beautiful Girl/ F:BAMS Doctor/ Requires  higher status & Good Match/Ph: 94664-00184

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