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Regn No Caste Profile particulars Regn No Caste Profile particulars
JB/84  JAT Jan,1990 / 6′-1″/Fair wheatish   H. some boy/BSc(Hotel Mgt), MSc(Hotel Mgt)  Manager / Pkg 4.80 lac / Urban Based Family / B: 1 , Sister: 1 (Married) Avoid: Mann, Kundu & Ahlawat/  Requires:  Fair suitable Pref. Service Match/ PH: 94162-59050


JB-62 JAT  Wanted educated Fair girl for H/some Jat only son/B Com/30 /5′-7″/Dealing in Property Financing/City Based / Self Kothi /20 acres Agri Land/ minor defect in right leg.F: practice/Avoid Gahlawat,Antil. Contact: 07206492401




June,1984/ 5′-9.5″/Fair  H. some boy/BTech (ece)/  Various Certifications / MNC  Senior Job/  PKG:Very High / Urban Based Family /  Rathee, Malik, Dahiya/ Requires: Technical (BE/BTec (ECE) Fair  Match/ PH: 94664-00184 64/JB  JAT   Jat  Handsome Boy 1992 born 5′-5″/ Job in L&T/  pkg 4 lacs/Dip in Civil Engg/ Now  persuing  B Tech civil/Avoid:Deswal, Sehrawat, Radhu/ Call:094664-00184  
  65/JB  JAT  MA, Bed Fair Jat Boy/29 years/5′-10″ Working in Govt job/ seeks Beautiful girl in Govt job or  higher  educated/ph 9466400184   66/JB  JAT  April,1989/ 5′-7″/Wheatish colour/ handsome boy/ Rural based family/ Self Agriculture/ Annual income : Rs.5 lacs /  Sandhu, Narwal, Nandal     / PH: 9813432092
      HMT-JB-21   JAT  August,1983/5′-7″/ wheatish Colour/  +12/ & 2 years ITI  Diploma/  only son/ sister 1 married / Rural based  well settled  family/ Divorcee Boy / No Children/ Requires  Divorcee or  widow suitable  girl Avoid  Kadiyan, Badakh, Malik / ph: 92550-00168


 JB-83  JAT


  April,1982/5′-11″/BA/ Self Business / 12 Acres Agril Land/Good Income/ Fair Divorcee Boy/F: Retired XEN  Jind Based Family Requires  Fair Girl match /Gotra: Singroha/Tanwar/Kundu/   ph: 94664-00184


 HMT/    JB-11 JAT(Khatri) 1988 Born/5′-9″/B Tech, MBA / Dy Manager(MNC Delhi )/pkg: 9 lpa /F: Retired officer /M: HW /Requires MSc/ BEd girl /Gotra: Khatri, kuhad, jaglan/ph: 94664-00184
HMT/      JB-12 JAT


1985 born Army Major/5′-11″ /Parents Govt servants. Elder brother in army Sr. rank, Requires compatible match / Gotra: Hooda, Ahlawat, Nain /ph: 94664-00184 HMT/     JB-13 JAT (Rathee)  1985 born/5′-9″/ B tech /Asstt XEN in BSNL / F: Retired, M: HW / Requires beautiful teacher, MSC, BEd /Gotra: Rathee, Malik / ph: 94664-00184
 HMT/    JB-15 JAT  (kharb) 27 years handsome boy/6′ /B Tech( IT), MS( IT) Engg. in Germany/ F: Prof / M: Doctor / Requires B tech, BCA prefb /Gotras: Kharb, Latian, Dahiya PH: 94664-00184  HMT/   JB-14  JAT(Malik)  Sept,1989/5-11”/ MBBS/ Pvt Hospital   Sal:Rs 85000  pm/  F+ M: in  Business /Req.MBBS,MD/ Gotras: Malik, Nandal, Sangwan/ Ph:  94664 00184            
 HMT/     JB-16  JAT  1984 born/5′-11″ /MBA/Mphil/Estate Manager /pkg ; 3.50 lpa/Job Near delhi / Requires  beautiful, homely girl/ Gotra: Jatrana, panwar  ph: 94664-00184  HMT/    JB-17  JAT  25 yrs old  boy/5-10”/ B Tec/ M Tech (Mech), self and father Business/ M: HW Gotra: Maan. Kadhian, Dahiya                       PH: 94664  00184   
 HMT/  JB-18  JAT  Aug,1988 boy/6’/LLB, LLM/ Net, Ph d in process / asstt Prof /Req. Edu, beautiful  girl /Gotras:  Dahiya, Saroha/       PH: 94664  00184 HMT/  JB-19  JAT  26 boy/5-10”/ BA, LLB, LLM / prac in Delhi court/ F: Principal, M:  Doctor /Gotras: Malik, Kalkhande /                                 PH: 94664  00184   
 HMT/ JB-20 JAT  26 years boy/ 5′-9″/ B Tech, MBA/ Asstt Manager in Pvt Leading bank/ F: Univ. job, M: Govt job /Requires : MSc,BEd  Govt job girl /ph: 94664-00184  JB-68  Jat-Dahiya  Oct,1986/Knl  Born/5′-9″/Hotel Management/ PR- Australia /Income: 3 lakh pm/ F: Retd/ M: HW/  Requires Min Graduate girl / Call:  94664-00184
 JB-69  Jat- Malik  Oct,1985/6’/ LLM, pursuing  Ph d/ Lecturer/Income Rs.55000/- pm/ F: Retd/ M: HW/Jind  settled family/ Requires Qualified  girl/ Call:  94664-00184  JB-70  Jat-Maan  March,1989,Knl  Born/5′-10″/ B Tech, M Tech/ Business Boy/Income: 40-50 lpa/ F:  Business/ M: HW/ Upper Income Group  PG Fair girl / Call:  94664-00184
 JB-71  Jat- Tokas  May,1983/Delhi Born/6’/   BWMS/ Homeopathy Doctor 70000/- pm/ F: Agri. M: HW/ Requires  Teacher  girl/Call:  94664-00184  JB-72  JAT-Tomar  Jan,1984/Rohtak Born/5′-6″/   Graduate/ Handicap legs Prob/ LPG Transporter boy: 75000/- pm/ F: Business/ M: HW/  Delhi settled family/ Requires Homely girl/Call:  94664-00184
 JB-73  Jat-


 Aug,1988, Karnal Born/ 5′-7″/ BA, Pol. Tech Dipl. /Service on DC Rate/ Rs. 12500/- pm /  F: Late / M: HW/Agril. 2 Acre land/ Requires Homely girl/ Call:  94664-00184  JB-74  Jat 


 Jan,1983, Delhi Born/5′-8″/ MBBS Doctor/ boy:Income Rs.85000/- pm/ F: Retd/ M: HW / Well settled family/ Requires Doctor/ Teacher girl match/ Call:  94664-00184
 JB-75 Jat-Saroha Aug,1988/ Sonepat Born/ 6′-2″ / LLB,LLM,  Pursuing  Ph D/income of boy: 35000/- pm / F: Gztd Retd/ M: HW/ Rohtak settled family / Requires LAW girl / Min 5′-6″/ ph  94664-00184 JB-76 Jat- Malik July,1988,KKR  Born/5′-9″/ Pursuing  LLM/income of boy: 60000/- pm/ F: Gztd Retd/ M: Doctor/ Well settled family/ Requires Doctor girl/service   match/ Call:  94664-00184
JB-77 Jat- Dahiya  May,1986/6’/ M Tech/ MBA/ MNC Job/pkg: 12 lpa/ Requires  well educated service match/ Call:  94664-00184 JB-82 Jat


August,1983/ 5′-6″/ +2 pass/ Fair/  Agriculture/Good Income/ Divorcee /Avoid: Kadian, Badakh, Malik / Requires  suitable match/ Call: 94664-00184; 92550-00168

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