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Regn No Caste Profile particulars Regn No Caste Profile particulars
 HMT/JG-1  JAT  1989 Born/5′-3″/working in MNC/ pkg: 4.50 lacs/Chikara,Antil,Deswal/Call: 094664-00184  2566/JG  JAT


 March,1986/5′-6″/ Fair/ B Tech(it)/MNC Job at Bangalore/  pkg: 9 lpa/ urban Based  Ambala family seeks  compatible match/ph: 098968-75334/099915-75334
HMT/JG-2  JAT  1986 Born/5′-6″/ M Sc, Net, Gate Pass /Rawat,Dalal, Maan/Call: 094664-00184  2568/JG  JAT


 Feb,1988/5′-4″/Beautiful / B Tech/ H R  Girl/MNC Job / pkg: 4lpa/ F: Lt Col(rtd)/B: Pilot/ Family of III rd  Generation Army Officers seeks Officer match/ Call:  098723-64935
  2569/JG JAT(Sangwan)  Feb,1989/5′-2″/Fair/Post Graduate,Bed,  C-Tet cleared/urban based Gurgaon family seeks job Line Compatible  Min Graduate Match/ ph: 098996-24561  HMT/


JAT  1987 Born/5′-3″/Msc(chy), B Ed & JBT/Ahlawat, Dalal, Malik/Call: 094664-00184
 2570/JG JAT(Goyat)  Jan,1984/5′-6″/ Fair/M Sc(Psy) Gold Medl. M Phil(psy),BEd, Persuing Ph D/ F: DSP (retd)/B: Engg/ Req.Ph.D,Net,Pref Lecturer /Govt Job match/ph: 097298-44413 HMT/JG-3 JAT Oct,1987Born/5′-3″/ working  as Govt College lecturer/ /Kadiyan,Dalal, Maal/Call: 094664-00184
2571/JG JAT(Panjeta) Dec,1985/5′-2″/ Fair/B Sc (cs), M Sc(cs), MCA, M Tech/Pvt College Job/F: Land lord/ B:Business/ Bilaspur based Reputed family Requires Good Earning match in kkr, knl, Amb, Y ngar belt/call: 097291-00018  HMT/JG-12  JAT


 Nov,1988/5′-10″/B Tech/ Software consultant/Pkg: 5.40 LPA/ Requires pref software engineer from veg family/ ph: 94664-00184
 2572/JG  JAT Suhag  Feb,1984/5′-2″/MBA, Msc    (Math), Net Qualified/  Guest PG teacher/F:Ex Navy Offi./Delhi Based family Requirs pref service match /Call:  94664-00184  HMT/JG-13 JAT


1987/5′-1″/B Tech + MBA/ MNC Job at Noida/PKG 6.90 LPA/ Seeks  Compatible match/ ph: 94664-00184
 HMT/JG-10  JAT(Goyat)  Nov,1992 Born/5′-6″/ Bachelor in Compt Appli/F:  Govt Job, M: HW/Seeks  Compatible Match/Call: 094664-00184 HMT/JG-14 JAT


1988/5′-4″/ M A (Hindi)+ B Ed/Requires  cpmpatible match/Call: 94664-00184
 HMT/JG-11  JAT(Malik)  1991 Born/5′-5″/M Sc (phy), BEd /  F: Gzted Officer/Seeks Bank, Defence Officer suitable match / Call: 094664-00184  HMT-




 Dec,1992/5′-6″/ Slim/Beautiful/ B Tech/M Tech(CS) Fair Girl/ Parents Govt Job/Urban Based Family/ Avoid: Malik, Saroha & Sangwan/Requires suitable  Service Match/ ph: 94664-00184, 93547-26175
  HMT/JG-17  JAT(Gahlot)  9/1987 Born/5′-4″/BDS Doctor/  F: Govt Officer/B:  B Tech/ Require suitable match / Call: 094664-00184 HMT/JG-16 JAT


1987/5′-5″/M Sc, Bed, Phd under process Asstt. Lecturer/ requires suitable educated & working match/ ph: 94664-00184
HMT/JG-19 JAT(Sangwan)  1991 Born/5′-8″/ B Sc( H),M Sc( Bio-medical)/ Leut. in Army/F:  Senior Manager, M:Govt Teacher/Seeks   Army/Compatible Match/Call: 094664-00184  HMT/JG-7  JAT


 1987 Born/5′-4″/ B Tech (EC) IES Officer Seeks  Gazaeted Officer/Doctor/IAS/IES/Sangwan, Nehra , Baniwal/Call: 094664-00184
HMT/JG-21 JAT(Antil) 1989 Born/5′-3″/BAMS/ Govt Doctor NRHM  Scheme /Seeks   BAMS Match, Govt Job/  suitable match /Call: 094664-00184  HMT/JG-8  JAT  1988 Born/5′-4″/M Sc (chy), BEd/ Both Parents Govt Jobs/Seeks  Good Job Match/chahal, chodrana, Hooda//Call: 094664-00184
 HMT/ JG-22  JAT(Dalal) 1987 Born /5′-6″/ M A B Ed( Eng)/Panipat based well settled family/ Requires  B Tech, MBA,Banking  match/Call: 094664-00184  HMT/JG-9  JAT


 Aug,1988/5′-2″/ Probationary Officer in Bank/ M: Govt Job/Seeks  compatible match/Call: 094664-00184
 JG/2580  Jat


 Sept,1990/5′-5″/fair/ B Tech /MTech/Working as JTO in BSNL/F: SDO Hr Govt/M: Teacher/Requires Compatible match/                    ph: 94664-00184   JG/2581   Jat


  20-4-1988/5′-6″/fair/ MBBS,  Pursuing MD/ Govt Job joining shortly/F+M :Govt  Job/Requires   MBBS,MD,MS Compatible match/ph: 94165-24594; 94664-00184




 Jan, 1987 Born /5′-7.5″ /Slim Beautiful smart girl/ MA( Eng)/ Karnal Distt Based family/F: Retd, M: HW/ B: SW Engg./Requires  Good Service Match/Call: 094664-00184; 98130-19538      
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