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Regn No Caste Profile particulars Regn No Caste Profile particulars
13252/PG Punjabi


8-8-1988/Time: 2.57 am / Place: Sonepat/5′-2″/ B.ful / slim, fair/BTech(IT)/MNC job /pkg: 6.33 lpa/ F:   Factory owner/M: HW/Karnal Based Family Requires  Well settled job/Busines  Match/Contact: 98124-40027;  94664-00184 13253/PG Punjabi




 13233/PG  Punjabi


BBA, MBA, Bed, C tet/Dec, 1987/5′-6″/Fair/ MNC Job – Asstt Mgr at GGn MNC/ pkg 9 lacs/ F: Asstt Mgr in Bank, M:UDC /Req. well qualified  MNC service Fair compatible Match/     PH: 094664-00184           13232/PG  Punjabi


Dec,1986/4′-10″/Fair/BDS, MDS Under internship, F: Xen in UHBVN, M: HW/Req. BDS,MDS, MBBS Doctor  Good looking compatible Match 

 PH: 094664-00184       

13212/PG Punjabi


 B.Sc(NM), MCA/Feb,1988/ Fair, Slim/ 5′-2″/beautiful Girl /working as Lecturer/F: Bank JOB IN Officer Cadre/ M: HW/ Karnal based family Requires  Profly. qualified jobline fair match with min. Rs.50,000/- income PM/ Ph: 72062-62362                          13215/PG Punjabi (kashyap) Bhasin ( Khukrain) veg,  Very Fair, Athletic Dr Girl/ Dec, 1984/ 5′-5″/ BPT, MBA (Hosptl Management)JOB IN Renowned Hosptl in NCR/Pkg:8 LPA/ F: Bank Mgr(retd)M:HW/Panipat based family Requires Dr/MBA compatible Match working in NCR/Metro Cities:  Ph: +919896166582
 13213/PG  Punjabi


  Feb,1987/Fair,Slim/ 5′-4.5″ beautiful Physiotherapy Graduate Girl,Dip in Journalism, Persuing  MBA/ MNC Job/Pkg: 4.50 LPA/F: DGM in Pub Sector Bank/B: Std/M:HW/ Rohtak family  Requires Graduate/MBA/ jobline fair match with Rs.7-8 lacs pkg/or good govt job/Ph: 093129-41103   




 GULATI,   Fair  Girl/ veg./  Mar,1990 /5′-3″/ B Tech(IT) /SOFTWARE engg at Mohali/ Pkg:3.50 LPA/ F: Busi. B: study / M: HW /Kaithal based family Requires MBA Pref job line match/ Ph: 089503-26700    





 May,1991/5′-3″/Beautiful  slim, fair/BCA, MCA/ Pvt School Teacher/F:  Fruit  Business, M:  HW/ B:  Engineer / Karnal Based good Family Requires  Bank / MNC  Service Match / Contact: 92559 12002;  94664-00184  13218/PG  Punjabi (Dhir)                Khatri Girl/ 03-05-1987/5′-3″/ Beautiful Slim Fair/ MBA; Msc (Com Sc.) B: Business/ Reputed Kapurthala Based Family Requires Post Grad Profl  service match or Good Business Boy:              Ph: 094653-77823
 13220/PG  Punjabi


Nov,1989 Born/B. Sc( Med), LLB/5′-0″ Fair girl/ Competing for Judiciary/F: Prop Business/M: HW/ Karnal based family requires Post Graduate,compatible match/ PH: 94166-60062 13221/PG Punjabi


Nov.,1988/5′-2″/Beautiful fair/B Tech( CS) / Scale II Banker Girl (Govt Bank)/F:   Govt Job, M: Central Govt       Job/ well to do Karnal Based Family Requires Compatible   Fair Service Match  Pref. Banker/Govt Officer/ Contact: +9194675-62462
  13232/PG Punjabi


 Dec,1986,/BDS+ MDS/Under intrnship, /4′-10″/ Fair girl/F: Xen/ Sonepat based family requires   Medical/ Govt job compatible match/ PH: 94664-00184  13222/PG Punjabi



June,1985/5′-6″/Fair Slim /B Tech(NDRI), MSc(CFTRI)  /Prod. Dev. Executive in Nestley, GGN/ Pkg: 9 Lacs/ (Slight   curve  in left leg)/  F & B: Business/M: HW/   Karnal  based family requires compatible B tech/ qualified  service Match at  GGn/ Call: +9198969-14775
13255/PG Punjabi



May,1989/B Com+ MSc ( F& C) + CS (under Process), /  5′-3″/ Fair girl/ Karnal based  Industrialist  family/ F: Industrialist /M: HW/ Requires  Suitable  Post Graduate with good Income Match / PH: 99967-72143;  94664-00184 13223/PG  Punjabi


Sept.,1988/5′-1″/ Fair/, BA, Bed, MA, Med  Beautiful Girl/F :  Journelist/B: Banking Advisor/ Gharaunda Based Reputed family Requires  suitable service/ business  Match/ Ph: 094163-92426
 13237/PG Punjabi


Feb,1985/5′-4″/Fair/N built/         M Com,  MBA/ Net clear/ F: Retd Bank  Mgr/ M: HW / Rohtak Based family requires  Good Service/ Business match/ ph: 94664-00184 13224/PG Punjabi


  18-8-1990/5′-2″/wheatish Fair colour/B Com/MBA/Mcom (in process)/Pvt Job/ KKR Based family seeks P G Match from good family preferably Job Match/                                            Ph: 99924-37742
 13225/PG Punjabi


8-9-1987/5′-5″/ Fair Slim/B Com, CA/CAIIB/Senior Manager in  PSU Bank at Chandigarh/ pkg: 10 lpa/ Religious Family Seeks CA suitable match/ ph: 98969-91601 13256/PG  Punjabi


March 1982/ 5′-5″/ Fair/ Karnal / BSc, MSc, BEd /  Intelligent PG Teacher  in Reputed School / Income Rs: 35000 PM / Awaiting  Divorce/ Requires  suitable  PG Match / Contact: 94664-00184
 13249/PG  Punjabi


 May,1991/5′-3″/ Karnal U E / BCA,MCA/Slim/Fair/Beautiful Girl/ F: Business/ M: HW / B:  Job/ Sisters : 2/ Requires PG  Bank/ MNC Match with Good Income/ Contact: 92559-12002 ;  94664-00184    13227/PG Punjabi


18-11- 1988 /5′-6″/ /MBA/ Bed/Slim/ Fair/ Pvt Bank Job at Panipat/ Karnal Based Family seeks suitable pref service match /Call: 94161-83970
 13229/PG  Punjabi


26-8-1992/ 5′-1″/ Fair/ Slim  /  BTech (cse)/ Inteli. Serving Girl/ F: Business/ M: HW / Karnal Based  family Requires  Good Service Match/PH: 094664-00184    13230/PG  Punjabi


 10-09-1983/ 5′-4″/B Com/MCom CA    (pursuing) /Fair slim Serving Girl/ F: Govt. Retiree/ M:HW/ Karnal Based  family Requires BTech,CA Match / Ph: 90344-07792 / 94665-57353 
13234/PG  Punjabi


 Fair Girl/ 23-9-1989/ 5′-4″/BA+ Comp course/ Pvt Job Rs.20000/-pm/Karnal  Model Town based family / Requires  suitable match / Ph: 9466400184  13235/PG  Punjabi


 06-12-1990/5′-2″/BCA, MSc (CS) / Stet,Ctet pass /Fair /Pvt Tuition/ F: Self Business/ M: HW/ Karnal Based  family Requires  suitable service Match / Ph: 94664-00184
 13236/PG  Punjabi


19-10-1988/ Fair Girl/ 5′-4″/Slim/BDS, Persuing MDS/F: Bank Mgr Retiree/M: HW/ Urban based family  Requires Compatible  match / Ph: 9466400184
 13238/PG  Punjabi


Nov,1987/ 5′-4″/Slim/B Tec, MBA / MNC Bank/pkg: 10 LPA / Sound family / Urban based family  Requires Compatible Match / Ph: 94664-00184

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